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A Focus on the Future

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Dr. Vivian Rhone-Lay
Founding Principal

Uma Sriram
(669) 369-4410

With a focus on the future of tomorrow’s leaders, in August 2022, Kathleen MacDonald High School will open its doors to welcome its inaugural class of students. This dream of opening a new mecca for learning has been more than 15 years in the making and is finally coming to fruition as Santa Clara Unified School District continues its mission to provide equitable, engaging, and innovative educational experiences so that each student thrives in a global society.

Students who attend MacDonald High School will graduate future-ready. Ready for college or other postsecondary education, life beyond high school, and their future careers.

"As a principal, I periodically look back to look forward," said Principal Vivian Rhone-Lay, Ph.D. "When I look back on what prepared me for this moment in time, I can pinpoint key moments in my life when I felt a sense of belonging, identified my passion for working in schools, and began to develop my aspirations for a career in education. I want more than anything for students at MacDonald High School to know that they belong, to find passions, and get the support they need to thrive. At MacDonald High School, we will cultivate experiences for students that prepare them for their futures."

Signature Traits

The three defining signature traits that every student will experience at MacDonald High School are a Design Thinking Culture, Learning Communities, and Inquiry-Based Learning.

Design Thinking Culture

Students and staff will cultivate a Design Thinking Culture through collaboration, experimentation, and problem-solving with a sense of empathy for their peers, community, and the world around them.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities will be industry-themed with a focus on the future, and encourage all students to discover their passions, inquire with curiosity, create with zeal, and accomplish with pride. At MacDonald High School, we will ensure that students of all backgrounds and abilities achieve success and truly feel a sense of accomplishment.

Inquiry-based Learning

Students will experience Inquiry-based Learning where they explore subjects by posing, investigating, and answering questions. Being in a vibrant classroom where students have the freedom to unlock their learning through collaboration and experimentation is one of the most joyous aspects of being a part of a school community.  

MacDonald’s state-of-the-art facilities have been designed and built with a focus on future growth of the community and student needs. Classrooms will be equipped with modern, flexible seating options, & technology to encourage the design thinking culture and facilitate collaboration. Our state of the art facilities such as the Performing Arts Center, Innovation Center, and athletic facilities will be central hubs of student activity, where this community gathers to learn and grow together. 

Our Staff

At the heart of all this will be an exceptional staff, who are committed to ensuring that all students have an equitable learning experience in a caring community. At MacDonald High School, we will empower your students to find their voice, realize their potential, develop a strong sense of agency and step into the future with a clear focus on what they can accomplish. 

Our Graduates

SCUSD graduates will be resilient, future-ready, lifelong learners who think critically, solve problems collaboratively, and are prepared to thrive in a global society. Join us as we embark on this new chapter in the history of Santa Clara Unified School District as we build upon an exceptional legacy of public education that focuses on the future of our community by shaping the leaders of tomorrow.